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Welcome to the Millwood Trail Plan Project Website. The City of Spokane is initiating the design of the Millwood Trail which will connect Spokane Community College to Felts Field. When fully constructed, the trail is planned to connect to the Centennial Trail, Spokane Valley, the City of Millwood, and the Spokane Valley Mall. While the City of Spokane possesses funding for preliminary design, no funding or timetable has been identified for final design and construction at this time.

The Millwood Trail is planned to be constructed along portions of the abandoned Great Northern Railroad right-of- way along the south bank of the Spokane River. Spokane Valley and the Town of Millwood are currently working on the design and planning of their respective segments of the Millwood Trail. When complete, the trail is planned to connect to the Centennial Trail, future Children of the Sun Trail (a component of the North Spokane Corridor), Spokane Valley, the Town of Millwood, and the Spokane Valley Mall.

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Thank you for your interest in the Millwood Trail Plan. The Millwood Trail represents an important future connection to the Centennial Trail with connectivity to Spokane Community College and neighboring communities on the south side of the Spokane River.


As the Millwood Trail Plan progresses ongoing project deliverables will be posted here.

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The Millwood Trail Plan is scheduled to be conducted over 12-month timeframe. The first half of the study will be dedicated to assessing existing conditions and exploring trail alignment alternatives while the second half of the project will be focused on environmental permitting and conceptual design.

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